How do I get Access to the App?

Whether you're a seasoned investigator or just starting your forensic journey in the pursuit of justice, the CSI Checklist app and training program have you covered! This indispensable tool is available for iPhone or Android devices through the Apple App Store or Google Play.  The CSI Checklist Mobile app provides you with 14 specific checklists in support of thorough crime scene management. For the professional investigators or students, dive deeper with the comprehensive CSI Checklist training program, also accessible via the app stores for individual or group purchase. Hone your skills and ensure meticulous investigations – download the app or training program today.

How do I sign up in bulk?

To streamline bulk sign-ups, we encourage you to connect with our dedicated sales team. This enables us to tailor our offerings to your group's specific requirements.

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Does it matter what state I’m in?

Not only does it not matter what state you are in, it doesn’t matter what country you are in. The basic investigative principles are the same worldwide, but every jurisdiction has its own specific protocols and operating procedures. The listed check-off procedures are recognized standards but are not intended to be all-inclusive. The user is reminded to refer to their own departmental guidelines to satisfy local requirements.

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