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C.S.I. Checklist™ Training Program Benefits

Whether it’s crime scene analysis, evidence collection, or protocol adherence, this training program is a vital companion for those committed to achieving excellence in the field of forensic investigation.

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Comprehensive Crime Scene Analysis

Delve into the intricacies of crime scene analysis, honing your skills to uncover crucial details that others might miss. Our training program empowers you with a comprehensive toolkit for thorough investigations.

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Precision in Evidence Collection

Elevate your expertise in gathering evidence with precision and accuracy. The C.S.I. Checklist™ Training Program provides hands-on guidance, ensuring you acquire the skills needed to build a solid foundation in forensic evidence collection.

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Protocol Adherence Excellence

Navigate the complex web of protocols seamlessly. Learn the art of strict adherence to established procedures, ensuring your investigations stand up to scrutiny and maintain the highest standards of professionalism.

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Enhanced Forensic Investigation Skills

Elevate your forensic investigation skills to new heights. Our program goes beyond the basics, offering advanced techniques and strategies employed by seasoned professionals. Be prepared to tackle the most challenging cases with confidence.

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Tracking Progress for Professional Advancement

Embark on a journey of continuous improvement with our integrated progress tracking system. Stay on top of your development, monitor your achievements, and master each module step by step. The C.S.I. Checklist™ Training Program doesn't just guide; it empowers you to visualize and celebrate your progress in real-time.

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Professional Excellence Certification

Upon completion of the program, receive a Professional Excellence Certification. Showcase your commitment to excellence and distinguish yourself as a skilled forensic professional ready to make significant contributions to the field.

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Get Started

Become a Better Forensic Investigator Today

1. Account Creation and Program Enrollment

Create your personalized account on Thinkific effortlessly. Navigate through a user-friendly interface to enroll in the C.S.I. Checklist™ Training Program. Start your journey towards forensic excellence with a simple and efficient onboarding process.

2. Progress Tracking in Real Time

As you progress through the training modules, leverage our intuitive tracking system. Receive real-time updates on your achievements, allowing you to stay informed and make data-driven decisions about your learning path. Stay ahead in mastering the art of forensic investigation.

3. Certificate of Completion and Professional Recognition

Upon successfully completing the C.S.I. Checklist™ Training Program, receive a prestigious Certificate of Completion. Showcase your dedication and newfound expertise to peers and employers, solidifying your position as a skilled forensic professional. Celebrate your success and mark the beginning of a promising career journey.

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Included Checklists

Checklist Modules included in the C.S.I. Checklist™ app

The C.S.I. Training Program™ features a remarkable set of 14 modules, each intricately crafted to cover a wide range of scenarios in forensic investigation.

  1. Preliminary Investigation
  2. Crime Scene Procedures
    1. A. Crime Against Persons Procedures (Death Investigation)
    2. B. Crime Against Persons Procedures (Sexual Assault Crimes)
  3. Theft and Related Offenses
  4. Burglary as a Property Crime
  5. Robbery (as a crime against persons and property)
  6. Arson Scenes
  7. Explosion and Bombing Scene Investigation
  8. Electronic Crime Scene and Digital Evidence
  9. Forensic Science Resources
  10. Animal Abuse & Neglect Cases
  11. Missing Persons, Abductions, and Runaway Child Responses
  12. Hate/Bias Cases
  13. Active/Mass Shooter Actions
  14. Carjacking

Frequently Asked Questions

Training Program Pricing

Check out our training program pricing details down below. Save big, especially with larger savings for 2 and 3-year terms when you bundle with our training courses! If you have questions, please contact our sales team at sales@csichecklist.com.

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$200Per Year (Save 20%)

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$4,680Up to 30 licenses

$6,60031-50 subscriptions

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