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Simple, Easy to Use

"Human error bedevils all work, but can have far-reaching consequences in law enforcement. This simple, easy to use application helps diminish the potential for mistakes and enhances the professional image of those who serve the public."

Chief V. Lavoyed Hudgins
Chief V. Lavoyed Hudgins

Director of Public Safety, Berea College, Former Chief of Police, Kentucky Municipality


"This app has a lot of different types of CS ticklers that make it an invaluable tool for investigators."

Pete Miller

USAF, Office of Special Investigations (OSI) Special Agent (Retired)

Well Done

"Well done Tom. Being a student of yours 33 years ago and working crime scenes for most of my career it would have been nice to have such an app back then."

Marc Hackett

Crime Scene Investigator at Arlington County Police Department (Retired)


"An extremely valuable tool that should enhance the investigatory process of crime."

Lt. Col. H.A. Cumberland

Maryland State Police (Retired)


"This checklist will prove to be an essential tool in every officer's tool box."

David Reichenbaugh
David Reichenbaugh

Lieutenant Retired Maryland State Police Author / In Pursuit - The Hunt for the Beltway Snipers


"Finally! An App that has brought criminal investigations into the 21st Century. It will help supervisors review cases and provide better quality assurance."

Joseph Giacalone
Joseph Giacalone

Ret. NYPD Sergeant SDS, adjunct professor and author of The Criminal Investigative Function: A Guide for New Investigators, 3rd Ed.

Enormous Value

"CSI Checklist is a terrific tool that will be of great benefit to investigators and prosecutors at all levels of American law enforcement."

F.L. Rusty Capps
F.L. Rusty Capps

Ret. FBI Supervisory Special Agent

It's perfect

"It is a great tool! Seems like a "no brainer" to have. So much going on at a crime scene, with each scene unique and fluid, this list is perfect."

Sandra Enslow
Sandra Enslow

Graphic Arts Coordinator & Forensic Artist at Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Great Tool

"This will provide both experienced and "rookie" Crime Scene Investigators with the ability to minimize errors in all aspects of crime scene evaluation"

Jay Tobin
Jay Tobin

Former Director of the Maryland State Police Crime Lab and Associate Professor of Forensic Science at Stevenson University, Baltimore County, Maryland

No more missteps

“The CSI app can only make it easier for crime scene investigators and their entourage to get it right the first time.”

Joe Ruffini
Joe Ruffini

Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist, JPR & Associates, LLC

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