Introducing the C.S.I. Checklist™ Mobile App

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C.S.I. Checklist™ App Benefits

This is a NEW mobile app created to assist law enforcement and criminal investigation professionals. It provides simple check off lists of necessary steps and procedures that MUST NOT be overlooked for a successful investigation.

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SOP Enhancement

Augments local investigative Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to boost efficiency and introduce advanced methodologies.

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Critical CSI Procedure Reinforcement

Emphasizes the importance of meticulously documented CSI procedures, serving as foundational elements in ensuring thorough investigations.

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Practical CSI Training with App Utilization

Provides hands-on training for effective use of the CSI Checklist™ App, enhancing procedural efficiency during criminal investigations.

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Legal Assurance and Comprehensive Actions

Ensures legally sound forensic actions with comprehensive documentation, securing airtight legal standing for investigative cases.

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Implementation Support for Thorough Documentation

Assists in implementing and documenting criminal investigative procedures, supporting seamless integration of enhanced SOPs.

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Digital Record Automation and Accessibility

Automates digital record generation through the CSI Checklist™ App, offering easily printable and accessible records for reference and team collaboration.

Unlocking Efficiency: Navigating the C.S.I. Checklist™ App

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Get Started

Download and start using our powerful C.S.I. Checklist™ app

1. Download the C.S.I. Checklist™ App

Begin by downloading the C.S.I. Checklist™ App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Simply visit the respective store for your device, search for "C.S.I. Checklist," and tap the download button.

2. Create a new account

Open the app and follow the intuitive on-screen prompts to set up your personalized account. Your account will not only give you access to the app's full suite of features but also ensure that your checklist data is securely stored.

3. Master the Art of Forensic Investigation

Enjoy the benefits of a seamless and organized experience as you navigate through crime scenes with the power of the C.S.I. Checklist™ App at your fingertips.

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Included Checklists

Checklist Modules included in the C.S.I. Checklist™ app

The C.S.I. Checklist™ app boasts an impressive array of 14 modules, each meticulously designed to address a diverse array of forensic investigation scenarios.

  1. Preliminary Investigation
  2. Crime Scene Procedures
    1. A. Crime Against Persons Procedures (Death Investigation)
    2. B. Crime Against Persons Procedures (Sexual Assault Crimes)
  3. Theft and Related Offenses
  4. Burglary as a Property Crime
  5. Robbery (as a crime against persons and property)
  6. Arson Scenes
  7. Explosion and Bombing Scene Investigation
  8. Electronic Crime Scene and Digital Evidence
  9. Forensic Science Resources
  10. Animal Abuse & Neglect Cases
  11. Missing Persons, Abductions, and Runaway Child Responses
  12. Hate/Bias Cases
  13. Active/Mass Shooter Actions
  14. Carjacking

Frequently Asked Questions

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