C.S.I. Checklist Creator Tom Mauriello Unveils the Power of Crime Scene Investigation on BWBL Podcast

February 24, 2024

police lights

C.S.I. Checklist creator Tom Mauriello was a special guest on the Black and White and Blue Lines (BWBL) Podcast, discussing the development and use of the C.S.I. Checklist and Training Program for the criminal justice community. The episode “The CSI Checklist Phone App is the Preeminent Tool for Criminal Investigation” was posted on the BWBL podcast network (also available on Spotify) on February 23, 2024.

The BWBL podcast is hosted by Clarke F. Ahlers, a defense attorney and former police officer in Howard County, Maryland. The purpose of the podcast is to be an informative platform for emerging and ever-changing ideas, tactics, practices, and rules of operation for law enforcement and the entire criminal justice community.